Forbidden Lands Features

Here are a list of some of the alluring features of the Forbidden Lands:

Multi-Player is allowed, with a limit of 2 characters
Player-Killing is allowed, outside of the main town (Korflu)
A variety of flavorful races
Wide Class List, including the special Psion and Shapeshifter classes
Multi-classing is enabled, for the 4 core classes (mage, warrior, thief, cleric)
Admin run quests are run on occasion, but there is currently one autoquest active, with more in the works
While not necessary, roleplaying is smiled upon
Friendly players, and a short newbie quest to help new players along
Clans are available
Detailed character creation process
The world, Keilar, is mostly original (over 8,000 rooms)
The Forbidden Lands have been around since the early 90s, and as such has a polished feel to it.
Make your own equipment, equipment may be altared to fit your character