Welcome to the Forbidden Lands!

It was foretold in the Chronicles of Qod, a millenia
or more ago in the Second War of Shadoe.  
The ascension of Agog, the Epoch of Transformation, 
and the redirection of mortality. The last vestiges of
the imperial wars, with Ryadel's failed attempt,
and the concurrent fall of Thalos left the great powers
scattered and bathed the lands yet tamed once again 
into shadow. At this crucial juncture did the Herald 
of Walutzu appear to Incubus, proclaiming the new order,
and the city of Korflu rose in its course, forever scarred,
but blessed with great resources.
From this city rise the great adventurers, 
the legend-makers of Keilar. Born of a kindred spirit, 
they journey out and tame the wild places, and what was 
once forgotten has been rediscovered.
These, my friends, these are the heroes 
of the Forbidden Lands!